2 (tärt)n.

1. a. A pastry shell with shallow sides, no top crust, and any of various fillings. b. Chiefly British A pie.


2. a. A prostitute. b. A woman considered to be sexually promiscuous.



Tarts and feminism are linked for me. Growing up, my grandmother and I often baked sweets; it became a ritual and rite of passage. The women in my family have always taken pride in baking, and naturally I feel content and happy in the kitchen. Baking is something I will forever associate with being a woman, and as I get older, the correlation between pastries and women gets stronger. Both ladies and pastries can be described as sweet, fragrant, pretty, delicate, layered, and, for me, are molded in the kitchen.These thoughts are a constant in my life and my art.


My paintings represent a combination of my thoughts on today’s woman and baking. My recipe for current works starts with the following steps, but I’m not entirely committed to one recipe. Changes occur as needed. I start with paper, the texture adds delicateness and airiness my work. Then then I spread gesso and add watercolor. I work out ideas, consider color, and lay the groundwork for what is to come. Next, I add bits of feminine ephemera from magazines. And I finish with a layers oil paint bringing everything together.


In baking, the most important part is following the recipe and using quality ingredients. This is where my work differs; my work is not just about the baking process, it’s also about feminism and being proud to be a woman (the most important ingredients). Hiding behind the life a woman is “supposed to” have is ridiculous, my paintings are about stepping out of the mold that we are taught to expect as women. All women are their own definition of what a woman should be. Rules are meant to be broken for a reason. So take that original recipe and making it your own with additions known only to you.

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